Programs and Strategies


The nine Directors are strong advocates of working together in the community. Our programs focus not only on health but the youth, our culture, education, housing and all aspects of our lives. WAMS services are available to the communities of Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Collarenebri and other small towns in the area, and has developed over the years to provide a resource centre for;

  • Health related issues
  • Medical advice and treatment
  • Talks to school students and teachers on health issues
  • Individual and family counselling
  • Information and advice about issues relating to substance abuse
  • Sexual health services
  • Family violence
  • Children's health/issues
  • Adolescent health
  • Women's and men's health
  • Healthy lifestyle (including healthy eating)
  • Ear health screening
  • Eye Health
  • Dental services

Affiliated Services

Children's Mobile Service: assists in a child's development of a positive self image in relation to physical, social health and cultural activities and services small local remote communities.

Vacation Care Centre: which provides out of school activities for young people during the school holidays.

WAMS Illness Prevention Program: assists the local community to become aware of the impact various illnesses (e.g. AIDS, STD's, diabetes etc) have on the population in general. Staff have presented papers to Australian and international conferences, and have co-ordinated six Aboriginal Medical Services in the region to meet bi-monthly since 1995 (the Bila Muuji Project).

Walgett Show: Every year WAMS is present at the Walgett show cholesterol testing and providing first aid. This service is provided free of charge to the community. We also attend other communities for similar activities on request.

Re-establishment of Brewarrina Aboriginal Health Service: WAMS is currently overseeing the re-establishment of Brewarrina Aboriginal Health Service aiming at a gradual handover of service to the Brewarrina Aboriginal community.

Working With Other Local Agencies

WAMS has active links with many of the local agencies in the Walgett Shire and are often called upon to address meetings, present reports on their activities and participate in their conferences. For example, WAMS are a member of the local Shires Interagency Group and attend their monthly meetings.

They are also a member of the local Health Service Advisory Committee, Service Providers, and the Community Working Party and attend the weekly Mens Group meetings.

They work closely with the schools in the delivery of nutritional and health programs, negotiate employment for participants of the CDEP and BEST.

Cultural Heritage Revival and Protection

A major WAMS strategy is to develop a local base of cultural identity and knowledge, and in the process, foster a culture of learning and achievement that can assist in many life situations. From the building and maintenance of our cultural identity and the reclaiming of our cultural heritage will come the skills, strength and self-esteem to achieve, and learn further.

Getting Behind events

WAMS also conduct Health Promotion activities for State, National and International events, eg World AIDS Day, Heart Health Week, No Cancer Day, and Seniors Week.

These types of activities not only promote a positive image for our town but also bring people together in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

We have been involved in many community events over the years, including;

  • Four Debutante Balls
  • Murdi Paaki (ATSIC Regional Council) Ball
  • Moorubil Day flag-raising ceremony, park activities and performances, at Walgett 29 May 1998
  • Community days in 1996 and 1997 providing horizontal bungee jumping, sumo wrestling and other entertainment
  • Various town activities for World AIDS Day 1995
  • Parade and concert for International Year of Indigenous people 1993
  • Cultural exchange for kids to Darwin 1994
  • Study tour of Hawaii, U.S and New Zealand indigenous communities where four elders discussed the implementation of native language programs 1994
  • Visit by local elders to the South Australian Museum and to the Canberra AIATSIS investigating the location of cultural property 1996
  • Fifteen years celebrations of WAMS activities
  • Twenty years celebrations of WAMS activities

Aboriginal Community Control

Means the empowering of a community through the adoption of appropriate organisational structures which enable all Aboriginal people in the local Community the opportunity to be represented as members and to be involved in the decision making process and, therefore, the right to participate and contribute to the goals, structure and operation of its health services.

In general, health data currently under-represents the health experience of Aboriginal communities and, unfortunately, health status may be worse than the figures indicate.

WAMS Strategic Plan – 2014-2017 WAMS Strategic Plan – 2014-2017 (462 KB)


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