General Information

The WAMS Program Team provide Primary Health Care and opportunistic health screening to towns within the Walgett Shire and other remote locations. One of the main focuses of the Program Team is to provide health promotion activities which are implemented into the community to increase awareness on various health issues.

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

The Mental Health Worker aids the visiting Counsellors and Psychologists in the provision of a holistic social and emotional wellbeing program.

WAMS has a counsellor that comes fortnightly, and two psychologists, one that visits every Thursday and Friday whilst the other comes fortnightly for a day.

Our visiting SEWB team is considerate of each clients needs and offers understanding, support and confidentiality.

The psychologists can be located in the Chronic Disease Building at 29 Wee Waa St.

The Counsellor can be located in the Shopfront at 37 – 47 Wee Waa St.

Appointments can be made by calling 6820 3786 or 6820 3777.

Chronic Disease

29 Wee Waa St


37 – 47 Wee Waa St


33 Wee Waa St


37 Pitt St


Dundas St


Lot 1 Dundas St


37 – 47 Wee Waa St


Dundas Street

Chronic Disease

29 Wee Waa St

Community Garden

Corner of Arthur and Duff Streets