Jacqui Burke

Job Description: Assist WAMS to continually improve its services through meeting accreditation standards across all areas of the organization and ensuring everyone is working according to best practice guidelines. This includes maximising Medicare income, ensuring the patient management system Communicare is working smoothly, and maintaining the locum doctor’s roster and related paperwork, ensuring WAMS has adequate doctor hours to cater for its needs.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing, First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid

What do you like about your job at WAMS: The variety of work, and the people I work with.


33 Wee Waa St


37 Pitt St


Dundas St


Lot 1 Dundas St


37 – 47 Wee Waa St


Dundas Street

Chronic Disease

29 Wee Waa St

Community Garden

Corner of Arthur and Duff Streets