Jill Murray

Job Description

  • Manage compliance of the WAMS Clinic with GPAplus Accreditation and QMS standards and secures accreditation.
  • Manage implementation of quality improvement initiatives within the WAMS Clinic.
  • Communicate to all Clinic staff the vision for continuous improvement at WAMS and ensure that staff performance is aligned with the vision.
  • Develop a Clinic Practice Manual to standardize client treatment for use by all Clinic staff.
  • Provide advice to the CEO on ways to maximise revenue from Medicare and Practice Incentive Payments.
  • Manages staff relations with direct reports fairly and effectively.
  • Demonstrate through consistent behaviour understanding of, respect for and compliance with the principles of Aboriginal community control.
  • Maintain relationships with other AMSs in the region and other health service providers.
  • Negotiate partnerships to improve primary health care delivery and address the determinants of health.
  • Represent WAMS at meetings, conferences and workshops where required in consultation with the WAMS CEO.


33 Wee Waa St


37 Pitt St


Dundas St


Lot 1 Dundas St


37 – 47 Wee Waa St


Dundas Street

Chronic Disease

29 Wee Waa St

Community Garden

Corner of Arthur and Duff Streets