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Discussion Exercise Video - COVID-19 in a Regional Aboriginal Community

COVID-19 Weekly Update - 12th June 2020

Goonimoo Playgroup Update

With the NSW Government restrictions having changed on 1 June 2020, we would like to provide an update on Goonimoo Playgroups progress related to returning to face to face Playgroup. Whilst the restrictions have been relaxed, these do not apply to NSW playgroups just yet.

Goonimoo staff are working from the office and providing the Playgroup community with a vast variety of activities to complete from home via Australia Post and local delivery, based on early Childhood learning and development. Each fortnight the activities promote a new area of learning for children to complete at home that include all the materials and resources to complete.

We have had playdough, name recognition, reading, painting, collaging and many more exciting activities that have promoted many of themes and days of significance that we would have normally celebrated and acknowledged in face to face Playgroup.

We acknowledge there have been a number of questions about returning face to face and we share your excitement to get back to playgroup. Our key priority is ensuring that all of our children and families can return as safely as possible and that we have a plan to address hygiene requirements and venue considerations.

We are working rapidly on a Return to Playgroup and look forward to sharing more on this with you shortly. In the meantime, we will continue to deliver our playgroup community fortnightly activity packs for the remainder of term term 2 until such time we can return. Term 3 updates will be advised soon.

Goonimoo encourages families to reach out to us, needing support, ideas or activities to do at home.

Contact Goonimoo Mobile Children’s Services Manager
Amy Townsend
M: 0428678852 E: amyt@walgettams.com.au
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Important COVID-19 Notice

pdf icon Travel Restrictions Fact Sheet

The Aboriginal Health Television network (AHTV) has been inundated with questions regarding COVID-19. To help answer them and fulfil our goal which is to assist you in increasing the health knowledge of your communities, we have produced 25 videos about COVID-19 to play on AHTV screens. These videos address the most frequently asked questions and are presented by Dr Norman Swan.

Because you are currently a part of the AHTV network you will have access to the AHTV Coronavirus Resource Centre. We’ve uploaded the 25 videos to there so that staff and patients can access them online. If you, your staff or family members have any questions which aren’t covered please send them directly to me and Dr Swan will try to answer them. We are filming these updates weekly.

Below is a link to the website should you wish to access more information:

Aboriginal Health TV - Coronavirus

We also recommend you listen to the ABC’s “Coronacast” podcast hosted by Norman. This podcast breaks down the latest news and research to help you understand how the world is living through a pandemic:


Stay safe my people, look out for one another especially our elders!

How to Explain Coronavirus to Kids

pdf icon Explaining Coronavirus to Kids

mov icon Wash your hands - Video 1

mov icon Wash your hands - Video 2

Frequently Asked Questions

pdf icon Frequently Asked Questions - IAHP & COVID-19

WAMS is a non-profit organisation which relies on public support from individuals, community groups, corporations, trusts and foundations as well as government funding to continue to improve the health and well-being of our clients and the community.

In 1986 we opened our doors to the Walgett community. The Board of Directors moved a resolution to treat ALL people, and that has been the case since. Currently, 40% of our clients are non-Aboriginal.

WAMS is the first Aboriginal Medical Service in NSW to be accredited (1998) with the (national) Quality Improvement Council (QIC) / (state) Quality Management Service (QMS) for organisational operations. WAMS is also accredited for its General Practice facilities with General Practice Accreditation (GPA) Plus.

In 2013, WAMS underwent its fifth cycle of accreditation with both agencies.

In 2014 WAMS was one of the first Aboriginal Medical Services in New South Wales to achieve Dental Practice Accreditation through the Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) group.

pdf icon NSW Aboriginal Health Partnership Agreement 2015 - 2025

pdf icon WAMS Practice Information Sheet

pdf icon WAMS Privacy Statement

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