Help for the vision impaired from Guide Dogs


Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs of NSW / ACT have advised they offer the following free of charge to visually impaired clients whose vision impacts on their mobility:

  • Long cane with ball’s
  • Support canes
  • Electronic aids eg: GPS, mini guide that can be attached to walking frames
  • Dog’s (as long as clients qualify and are suitable)
  • Face to face assistance to build up clients confidence
  • In-house workshops for clients ie: long cane training
  • Tactile mapping workshops, can also provide tactile maps of towns
  • GPS workshops
  • KMFB workshops – (you can take a photo of a document with a mobile phone and the phone will read the document to you), eg: useful if clients go out to restaurants

Any one can refer clients to this service as long as the client is happy to be referred, name and contact details are all that is required Guide Dogs of NSW / ACT also do in-services for organizations to raise awareness of the services and common eye disease.

Contact number: 02 6362 6625 (Orange)
Gavin: 0488 090 712

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