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Beat the heat - Aboriginal Families

The good thing about our mob is the closeness of family and community and get-togethers. Just lik... 01-May-2019

Study of first-graders shows fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevalent in U.S. communities

NIH-funded research examined over 6,000 children to determine prevalence of FASD ranged from 1.1 ... 16-Apr-2019

Don't get knocked out of the game: Bila Muuji encourages sexual health

An event run in conjunction with the Koori Knockout has drawn attention to the need for education... 15-Apr-2019

Influenza and pertussis vaccination in pregnancy

The influenza and whooping cough vaccines are provided free to pregnant women through the Nationa... 03-Apr-2019

Good Bye & Good Luck!

On Behalf of Walgett AMS and Brewarrina Aboriginal Health Service we would like to inform the com... 05-Nov-2017

Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2017


Energy efficiency and education key to reducing electricity costs in remote Aboriginal communities

Kim Sullivan says she did not know anybody who was receiving electricity bills under $500 every q... 19-Mar-2017

Charmed & Dangerous - A Women's Guide to Reclaiming a Healthy Relationship

This book “Charmed and Dangerous: A Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming a Healthy Relationshi... 18-Oct-2016

Indigenous FDV - Violence Against Women

Indigenous FDV Conversation Guide Indigeno... 16-Oct-2016

Women's Health Service

The Women's Health Nurse Is a registered nurse with specialised qualifications in working with wo... 30-Aug-2016

Hep C can be cured

The ‘Hep C can be Cured’ communications project has been initiated by the Aboriginal ... 22-Aug-2016

Disability Inclusion Act 2014

Disability Inclusion Act 2014 10-Aug-2016

New South Wales Primary Health Networks, boundaries

New South Wales Primary Health Networks, boundaries 10-Aug-2016

Running with heart and health: Eileen’s story of a life-changing marathon

Not too many years ago, Eileen Byers was overweight, drank more than she should, smoked, and suff... 14-Jun-2016

Western NSW Homelessness

Help with homelessness. Information about homelessness services and support in Western NSW. ... 28-Mar-2016

Recruitment Success Stories

Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Limited (NSW) Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council's... 20-Mar-2016

NACCHO Alert :Healthy Food Partnership to tackle obesity and encourage healthy eating

Rural Health Minister Fiona Nash has announced a new partnership of preventative health groups, ... 20-Jan-2016

Is it a safe place for our kids?

A Guide for parents. Is it a safe place for our kids? 10-Jan-2016

No Jab, No Pay - Vaccination

The No Jab, No Pay legislation passed on 23 November 2015. From 1 January 2016, only families who... 16-Dec-2015

The Importance of Standing

Sitting around is bad for our health, even if we are regular exercisers. Here are some pointers f... 20-Oct-2015

Our Health Our Way Suggested Resources

Click here for some resources in relation to "Our health Our Way" Our... 14-Oct-2015

‘Our Health Our Way’ leads the way to good health for Aboriginal young people

Today, NSW Kids and Families launched the ‘Our Health Our Way’ resources for Aboriginal young peo... 06-Oct-2015

Walgett Comes to the Footie

Members of the Young Leaders Camp saw lots of rain as they watched the football. 14-Sep-2015

Walgett - The People and Their Rivers

The year of 1788 was indeed a terrible year for the original inhabitants of this continent. Europ... 01-Jun-2015

Allied Health for Aboriginal Children in Remote Communities

The POCHE Centre for Indigenous Health has funded a research project investigating the delivery o... 29-May-2015

Aboriginal Oral Health Plan

The NSW Aboriginal Oral Health Plan 2014-2020 describes the strategic actions NSW Health will tak... 30-Apr-2015

Telstra Safe Connections Program

Telstra launches new program to help women impacted by domestic violence stay safely connected. M... 29-Mar-2015

Des Murray Scholarship 2015

The Des Murray Scholarship was established by the NRHA in 2000 to recognise Des Murray’s ma... 08-Mar-2015

POCHE allied health project Newsletter Dec 2014

The POCHE Centre for Indigenous Health has funded a research project investigating the delivery o... 25-Feb-2015

Wobbly Hub News Issue 14 Jan 2015

The Wobbly Hub is a 3-D interactive artwork to share knowledge about the lives of rural people wi... 22-Feb-2015

Fees charged when solicitors request copies of a patient's file

Fees charged when solicitors request copies of a patient's file 08-Feb-2015

Workcover NSW Personal Protection Equipment

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? PPE is clothing or equipment designed to control ris... 19-Jan-2015

Help for the vision impaired from Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs of NSW / ACT have advised they offer the following free of charge to visually impair... 02-Oct-2014

Asthma Brochure

What is Asthma? It is a condition where people have sensitive airways that when triggered make br... 06-Aug-2014

Asthma Refresher

Statistics 10% of the population has asthma 30% of elderly people (>65) have undiagno... 06-Aug-2014

Diabetic Foot Care

How WAMS can help you. At WAMS, our staff are very friendly and experienced. People who can help ... 06-Aug-2014

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